Wheelie bin storage – how to make the most of it

Disposing of waste can be a time-consuming task and is preferred to be executed with efficiency and ease. Particularly in an industrial environment where time is money, wheelie bin storage can be an unwanted and unwelcomed issue.

The team here at Summit Systems are proud manufacturers of material storage bins, vacuum loaders and more. Summit offer an integrated service with a cohesive operational system that makes waste disposal and wheelie bin storage a quick, fuss-free duty. 

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What do plastic ancillary suppliers do with their demo equipment?

Industry leading innovation allows Summit Systems to continually design and manufacture new products that propel the company to the forefront of the plastic ancillary sector. As part of Summit’s promise to provide high quality products that are value for money, the company has diversified the website to include an online shop for your convenience. 

This brand-new feature of the company’s responsive website (meaning its viewed with ease on mobile devices as well as desktops) allows visitors to the site to purchase ex-demo units at discounted prices in a few simple clicks.

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How Can an Oil Trap System Increase the Life of Your Dryer?

In this week’s blog, we will address commonly asked questions that surround oil trap systems. Summit Systems is a proud supplier of oil trap systems and has been a market leader in the plastic ancillary equipment sector since 1989. We have over 20 years of experience in the industry and have an excellent understanding of oil traps and their contribution to the plastic automation sector.

It’s time to learn more about oil trap systems!

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Gravimetric Blender - Product of the Week

Introducing the gravimetric blender – Summit Systems’ product of the week

The product of the week at Summit Systems is the gravimetric blender. In this post, we’ll highlight what they are used for and how the technology behind them has benefitted plastics ancillary equipment (and many businesses all over the world!) since 1989.

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Material Dryers – Product of the Week

Hot Air Dryer - Summit Systems

For this week, we would like to introduce to you our product of the week - our extensive selection of material dryers.

As a market leader in plastics drying technology, we have a wide range of dryers available for our customers. However, in this week’s post we will explore just two of our material dryers - the Hot Air Dryer and the Low Energy Rotor Wheel Dryer.

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Welcome to our new website!

As a leading supplier of plastics ancillary equipment, we decided to launch a brand new website to complement our innovative products and services.

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Gravimetric Doser - Product of the Week

Introducing the gravimetric doser - Summit Systems' product of the week

This week, our product of the week is the gravimetric doser. In this blog, we'll discuss what they are used for and how this sophisticated equipment has benefitted production processes.

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