Gemma celebrates 5 years at Summit Systems

1 August 2022

Celebrating her 5-year anniversary with Summit Systems, Customer Service Supervisor, Gemma Brookstein gave us an insight into what her time at Summit has been like so far…

How have you found working at Summit Systems for the last 5 years?

Interesting, it was a completely new industry for me when I joined in 2017, I had always worked in Sales and Management but within Recruitment and Welfare to Work so it was nice to learn about a new industry and products.

How has the company changed since joining in 2017?

Drastically! There are lots of new faces now compared to 2017, Summit has grown substantially through purchasing Total Process Cooling now known as Summit Process Cooling, growth with Summit Recycling and Summit Defence (Covid screens). It’s always adding new strings to its bow!

How has Summit helped you in your career development?

Working with the Engineers and reading the reports from the servicing that takes place has given me a really good insight into the equipment that Summit sells. I have also learned a lot from speaking to customers regularly too, understanding their needs and how their businesses work.

I was promoted to HUB Supervisor in 2018 where I look after the Customer Service Department, we are the first port of call for the majority of customer enquiries, processing quotes and orders and doing our utmost to provide the best possible service to all of Summit’s customers.

What advice do you have for anyone considering a role within Summit Systems?

You need to be able to adapt to change well, be open minded, care about what we do as a business and get stuck in wherever you may be needed. Also have a good sense of humour!

What are 3 words you’d use to describe Summit Systems?

Customer focussed (2 words but you get the gist!), fast growing (another 2!), and flexible, for staff but also for our customers. We can bring our dogs to work, I have brought my child to work during the pandemic when I needed to visit the office but had no childcare, we can work from home if we need to. Summit understands we have lives outside of work and offers us flexibility when we need it.

What do you like most about working at Summit?

I really enjoy the interaction with the customers, I can remember when I joined that I noticed that the industry was a very friendly one, which is lovely!

I enjoy supporting other members of the team and being able to make an impact within the business with the work that I do.

I enjoy working autonomously, knowing that I am trusted to get the job done. My manager doesn’t feel the need to check on me or my work all the time, he knows I have Summit’s and our customers best interests at the heart of everything I do.