MB Conveyors

Producing custom-made solutions, single conveyors and systems for every product handling application: this is how MB Conveyors pursue their company mission.

MB Conveyors boast 35 years of background and experience in mechanics which explains their passion for the product and careful attention to detail.

Quality is assured by performing rigorous tests along every step of the production line, using the latest generation production systems and choosing only the highest quality materials.

In 2020, MB amended their production approach and decided to invest in the product with a series of technical improvements and strategic innovations, keeping an eye to environmental sustainability in the frame of what they've called a “Green Deal”.

A drive unit reconfiguration that ensures reliability and worldwide assistance, but also improves performances and reduces energy consumption by 33%.

New aluminium housings, more resistant and durable, better disperse static charges and help cutting down plastic waste production.

MB Switch and MB Switch Duo with electronic current limiter and M12 metal connectors improve motor protection, durability and wiring quality.

New belt specifications ensure a significant extension of the product life, with consequent reduction of environmental impact.

MB Conveyors Products