Summit Systems partnered with Frigel, proven leaders in advanced process cooling, in 2017. Frigel have over 50 years of process cooling excellence, moving beyond traditional cooling towers and central chiller systems towards verifiably better results in up-time, efficiency, precision and more.

“It took two years to find the right partner in temperature control equipment. I have been watching Frigel for a long time, as theirs is a quality product and I believe the most innovative on the market. I didn’t want to start supplying a standard chiller, I wanted something that makes a difference to people’s production.” Mike Jordan, Summit Systems.

"The Frigel chiller is very energy efficient and offers huge levels of accuracy and precision”. It can improve cycle time and offers an efficient production process. So far we’ve has a brilliant reaction to the new Summit Chilled division. It’s early days of course, but it helps that the Frigel brand is already established in the UK. The company has a huge international presence and people know of it,” Jordan added.

The partnership will give Summit the ability to not only supply individual chilled water solutions, but offer companies a full turnkey project when automating a complete mould or extrusion shop.

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