Summit Systems launches new website, new look and new products

Tamworth-based plastics ancillaries supplier, Summit Systems, has launched a new-look website dedicated to improving usability for its customers.

The website has been tailored to allow easy navigation through its product offerings from each of its suppliers across materials handling, temperature control and process control and monitoring, including access to support, troubleshooting and technical specifications.

“We’ve always been very IT conscious so with this our aim is to give the customer a better experience and benefit from the vast amount of knowledge and experience contained within the new website,” explained Mike Jordan, Managing Director of Summit Systems.

“Previously the website didn’t have any detail about our suppliers and partners and why we use them. We have worked hard over the years to ensure our offering is the strongest it can be across each product area, so including technical breakdowns and operational performance examples will enable our customers to see that they are investing in genuinely top-end equipment.”

The new site also reflects Summit Systems’ commitment to service, with contact details for its 24/7 breakdown and assist operation clearly accessible. It has recently taken on new staff to enable it to offer this service 365 days a year, across all product areas, with visible profiles of its engineers and their direct contact details available.

“We offer a genuine 24/7 service, which shows our dedication to our customers across the country, no matter the day or the time,” Jordan continued. “This is a bold claim, but unlike some competitors, we can genuinely say we live up to it.”

In addition to its portfolio of new machines, the website also carries pages dedicated to the sale of second-hand and used machinery, with the future potential for interactive videos allowing interested customers to view 360-degree footage of the equipment for sale. The used machinery pages will be regularly updated, with customer support in the form of online chat and ‘enquire-now’ functions.

Finally, the website includes detail of the newest offering from Summit Systems, an Industry 4.0-based monitoring and process control system, something that can offer major efficiency gains both for manufacturing and on-site operations.

“Our website reflects the rapidly advancing IT-based technologies within the industry. We’ll be updating it regularly as our portfolio grows and intend it to be a portal that customers find increasingly useful,” Jordan continued.