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At Summit Systems, we specialise in providing top-quality Recycling Machinery, including a diverse selection of Granulators and Shredders sourced from reputable global suppliers, MO-DI-TEC, TRIA and Zerma. Our focus is on serving the Recycling and Waste Management Sectors, addressing the critical challenges of maintaining granulation quantity, maximising recycled content in products, and delivering high-quality final materials.

A pioneer in the industry, MO-DI-TEC are the ultra-low speed grinding specialist. For more than 40 years, MO-DI-TEC has developed and manufactured low dust granulators for the plastics industry. Innovation and manufacturing quality are the basis of their know-how to recommend adapted solutions for your applications.

  • Superbly engineered, simple cleaning & maintenance
  • Almost zero dust and uniform granule size
  • Reverse action rotation to prevent jamming

If you are producing regrind inhouse rather than purchasing from a 3rd party, the TRIA range of granulators guarantees the right product for the right application and can assist you in achieving the 30% recycled content in your packaging as set out by the Plastic Packaging Tax. The TRIA range provideds effective solutions for all customer needs.

  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • 70,000 systems installed worldwide
  • Ideal for recycling rigid and flexible materials

Zerma granulators come in different sizes, ranging from small beside-the-press units to large part shredders, catering to different recycling requirements. These granulators are known for their high-quality construction and advanced technology, enabling effective granulation and ensuring optimal performance in recycling operations.

  • Quick delivery times with a large stock of machinery
  • Zerma brings over 80 years’ experience in recycling
  • Cost savings and quality control with Zerma machinery


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